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Wintering with PineappleROC

Posted by Joseph on January 19, 2024

Hello again, it’s me, Joseph and we’re ready to help you “WINTER” well. Hibernating is for bears. Wintering is for humans who understand that sometimes you just need to be in a comfy cozy space to look at the snow from the inside.


Perhaps author Donna Ashworth describes it best when she shares:

“You may think yourself lazy, or flawed. Yet your body is made of almost exactly the same elements as the stars. Your bone composition matches the coral in the seas and you, my friend, are ruled by the moon and the sun. Whether you like it or not. So no, you are not lazy, Nature is simply pulling you to slow, like the life, the floral and fauna around you. It is not your moment to rise. It is winter, you are wintering. And you are right on time.”

Why not book one of our waterfront properties and tune into the tides? The lake is truly beautiful year round.


There are many ways to winter and embrace the slow. Hygge is at the top of the list. Shout out to our Danish friends for sharing their lifestyle secrets:

What Is Hygge?

According to The Spruce: “Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish concept that encompasses the feeling of quiet comfort. Elements of hygge include plush textures, greenery, and warm, neutral shades. The feeling hygge is supposed to evoke is extreme coziness.” Hmmm, plush textures, greenery and warm, neutral shades?? Sounds a lot like most of our #PineappleROC properties.

From reading a great book to lighting a candle and sipping hot cocoa, “hygge” can be expressed in many different ways, but the premise remains the same: contentment.”

Contentment? We’ve got you covered, literally. Our thread count is sky high and our beds are cloud like according to our reviews. (Looking for more hygge information? Here’s the article.)


While you’re at it, you might as well hurkle-durkle a bit. Don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy.

Hurkledurkle: a 200 year-old Scottish term meaning to lounge in bed long after it’s time to get up. Happiness is hurkle-durkling. (Again, this is why our thread count comes in handy.)

Winter Adventures

If you’re the adventurous, outdoors-y type, then winter means something else to you entirely. You do you. In fact, here are fifty things you can do this winter in our area. Many of our #PineappleROC properties are close to the go-to places this winter. Have at it, dear reader. The rest of us will be watching from the inside and cheering you on. Except for Taylor. Taylor will be at the Bills game! #letsgobuffalo

Jack Frost has come to nip at our noses and we’re ready for him. Book your winter holiday today and hygge and hurkle-durkle to your hearts content.



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