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Season of Change

Posted by Joseph on October 19, 2022

Hello, it’s me Joseph, and I’m on the move again; learning, growing, knowing more today than I did yesterday.  In this season of change, I just want to send a reminder that given the right tools, motivation and encouragement, you can retrain your brain to learn new strategies and reach new goals in your quest to live your very best life.

Many of you that know me well, know that I have struggled with balancing technology with human connection.  I’m not alone.  If everything is virtual, we really do risk losing the personal touch and that’s so important to me.  In addition, the fear is all too real in this age of cybercrime that if we store all of our information in a cloud, someone will steal it and rain on our parade.  At the same time, however, not embracing all things electronic (e-sign, e-documents, cloud based applications) leaves one at the mercy of paper (I may be responsible for half a forest) and the desktop.

The truth is that all of us are motivated by pleasure or pain.  In our humaness, we have a tendency to lean into the pain first and our self-talk keeps us in a place of indecision or inaction.  We stay where we are because it’s comfortable and it’s what we know.  In order to move forward, we must believe that the reward outweighs the risk.

The reward for me in embracing all things technology was the freedom the transition would bring.  After buckling down, organizing, deleting, updating and moving all my files, I feel light and like I can be anywhere enjoying life with work in my pocket when I need it.  Yes, Virginia, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Many of you were on the technology train long before me and kudos to you!  This reminder isn’t so much about virtual strategies for your business; it’s about understanding that you can put your blinker on and change your lane at any time and try something new.   Do you want to paddleboard?  Make wine?  Learn to crochet? Get a new certification?  Make a career change?  What’s stopping you?  Your mind will race with 100 reasons why you can’t.  Listen closely and you’ll hear the compelling reason that will propel you forward.

As fall reminds us, sometimes letting go can be a beautiful thing that changes your life for the better.


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