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Endings and Beginnings

Posted by Joseph on October 1, 2021

Hello again, it’s me Joseph and I’m on the move. As October rolls into view, I am reminded that change is actually a constant. Everyday, we will wake up and find out that something in our world has changed for the better or for the worse and sometimes we never see it coming.

Over time, we learn that the only control we have is our response and that endings can give way to the very best beginnings. I speak from experience; I have failed forward many times and I’m here to tell you that I’m the wiser because of it.

So in this season of transition, I offer a few points to ponder or throw out the window. (remember, you can control how you respond 🙂

Let Go.
There’s something in everyone’s life, myself included, that they need to let go of. It could be a relationship, a job, a dream. Maybe it’s the negative thinking that you need to let go of because it’s keeping you from a relationship, a job a dream. Sometimes we think that letting go is giving up but it’s not the same. #chooseyourlife

Make a Change.

Heading in a new direction is easier said than done. Staying where you are and talking yourself out of your best life is equally challenging and can lead you down the road to regret. While it’s true that there are some changes we have no control over, there are far more circumstances where we can choose.

In fact, you can change your life by changing your address. Chances are you’ve heard many stories of how wild the real estate market is right now. Remain calm. Moves are happening all around you and we can make yours happen too.

Not ready for a big move? Change the color of your walls (#breezewaycoloroftheyear2022), move your furniture, update your accessories for the new season. (You know how I feel about accessorizing) Even little changes can make a big difference.

Get Comfortable.
Hygge is all about getting cozy and having no agenda. It’s okay to do nothing but cuddle up in a blanket and look at a fire. Read a book. Learn to knit. (unless that’s stressful which is a dealbreaker. That’s why you won’t see me doing anymore puzzles) The weather will force us inside and maybe that’s the best time to take a look inside ourselves and remember the simple pleasures and special people that give us peace.

If you’re in a space that’s utter chaos then consider a relaxing retreat at one of our #PineappleROC rentals. Blankets. Coffee pots. Tea kettles. Fireplaces. Upgraded linens. Waffle makers. We’re ready for you get your hygge on!

As we embrace this new season, let’s keep kindness as our constant, knowing that when it comes to letting go, making a change or just getting comfortable with what really matters, all of us need a heaping, hot mug full of grace.

On a truly personal note, we have experienced both exciting changes and changes beyond our control in this past week.

We celebrate the retirement of Myra Cuff! Congratulations to you in this new season of your life. Enjoy every moment.

And, with grateful but broken hearts, we celebrate the life of Darlene Ulerick Amato. This blog is dedicated to her as someone who was full of grace and kindness and so much joy it overflowed to everyone around her. It will prove to be one of the greatest gifts of our lives that we were able to call her friend.

Let’s hold each other tight through the changes.


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